Usually green Algae (Chlorophyta). Algae grow fast but are relatively easy to get rid of. A green or brown fur in shadowed places –a dark fur of dirt- are probably algae.

Algae need warm and damp conditions to multiply and grow there dampness condensates. They do not forestall indoors as they need sunlight to grow. The algae that grows on buildings and on different materials are microscopically and take roots on the material's surface, in fissures, pores and even on the fibres of textiles and construction materials.


It is not enough to clean or to mechanical remove the affective growth and assail –the surfaces must be sanitized.

Afterwards the material easily can be maintained and treated –without risk of new affective growth. Without risks for damages, maintenance and costs. Without problems. Without affective growth.

Bensaltenside sterilizes all affective growth and disinfects all surfaces –they become totally clean. Both on the surface and in the pores. The treatment reaches full effect in 24 hours –then all assails are killed off. Thereafter the surface is guaranteed to be protected for a minimum of 4 years.

Repeated treatments –or by mix Bensaltensid in to paint or mortar- lengthens the protection time with several years.
Outdoors rain gradually removes Bensaltenside – on roofs it takes about one year and on walls two. You can even clean, brush or rinse off the remains.