Brown rot fungus decomposes wood –the wood becomes coloured brown, getting brittled and fissured. The solidity are strongly hightened and the wood have got shrinking rot.

Genuine house fungus is the absolutely most common of the brown rot fungus. It does make possibilities for its own survival –it transports water and nutrition- and are therefore also the most serious affection we have.

At the decompose of wood, the water that can make a whole construction moistured, is distinguished.

Sap stain fungus do not decompose wood –they grows inside the wood and miscolour it. Sap stain affections increases the wooden uptake of water and often hides rot afections.

Aureobasidium is a fungus that exists in moistured environments, most often with wooden materials, but it can even anticipate indoors in for example bathrooms and window frames.

If Aureobasidium builds a large amount of air borne spores it can cause lung problems. The occurence of Aureobasidium is noticed in moistured environments –for example in shower corners and bathrooms likewise kitchens –where it also often occurs in silicon materials.

The temperature where it grows can vary from +2º to +35º C.


A spore starts to grow –the fungus hyphens keeps growing- and inch by inch it becomes a network –a mycelium. Depending on the fungus type they can grow both on the surface and within different materials.

All fungus multiplies with very small spores that most often is spread with air –and they produce huge amounts. This can cause serious helath problems –especially for more sensitive persons and when they get exposed for a longer time.

Bensaltenside sterilizes fungus and spores totally.