Water damages in houses are becoming more common. Every fifth apartment and more than every third house are at risk of becoming water damaged every year.

When water damage occur it is very important to quickly
take care of the damage to limit the spread of damp. The sooner you take actions, will lower the costs and lower the risk for more damages.

Modern drying methods have made water damages both cheaper and simpler to treat for both homeowners and landlords.

The indoor climate is crucial for comfort. Damp air can be unhealthy and therefore you should provide for good ventilation – e.g. valves- or daily airing ca ten minutes a couple of times a day.

Airing do not necessary increases the heating costs since damp air is more expensive to warm up than dry air. If a room is aired for a long time, the heating should be turned off.

The air is supplied with condensate from the individuals, plants, kitchen and bathrooms. If the humidity is higher on the inside than on the outside of the house, the damp air will move to the outside, which means lower humidity in walls and windows.

A high humidity gives good establishing conditions for mould fungus, resulting in bad smells and in worst case it may cause allergies in sensitive persons.

Damp is the decisive presumption for growth and Bensaltenside kills all fungus and spores in 24 hours. They become sterilized and new growth becomes impossible.

  • They get sterilized and new growth is impossible

  • Bensaltenside does not affect any materials in a negative way

  • The treatment is done with a sprayer, roller or a sponge

  • One day -then all growth is impossible