Moss generally grows in damp environments and can endure long times of drought without getting damaged. The multiplication happens when the surface is damp. The result is a spore capsule where it forms spores,
which is spread by the wind –even in a draught. The spores grow in damp environments and become new mosses.

It begins to grow after 4 –8 years –sometimes later- and grows predominantly on concrete, bricks, slate, asphalt and eternit. Moss often grows in fissures and gets some nutrients from earlier moss.


It is not enough to clean or to mechanical remove the affective growth and assail –the surfaces must be sanitized.

Afterwards the material easily can be maintained and treated –without risk of new affective growth. Without risks for damages, maintenance and costs. Without problems. Without affective growth.

Bensaltenside sterilizes all affective growth and disinfects all surfaces –they become totally sterile. Both on the surface and in the pores. The treatment reaches full effect in 24 hours –then all assails are killed off. Thereafter the surface is protected for a minimum of 4 years.

Repeated treatments –or by mix Bensaltensid in to paint or mortar- lengthens the protection time with several years.
Outdoors rain gradually removes Bensaltenside – on roofs it takes about one year and on walls two. You can even clean, brush or rinse off the remains.