Bensaltenside is a mixture of Quarternary Ammonium Combines and is used as a cleaning substance in -among other things- cosmetic and hygiene products in concentrations up to 5%.


Antimicrobic liquids are included as active components in Bensaltenside to prevent growth and to kill microorganisms –for example bacteria, fungi, algae, virus and bacteria spores.

Bensaltenside is active [positively charged] and penetrates the material [the pores] and gives the long lasting protection.

Disinfection neutralizes pathogenic micro-organisms and the risk of transmission of the infection becomes very small.

Sterilization neutralizes all micro-organisms in an environment.

Preservation with antimicrobic substances prevents micro-organisms to destroy products –for example hydrous chemicotechnical products or food.

Antiseptic liquids contain an antimicrobic substance that disinfects –and is so gentle that it is used on humans or animals tissues.

Bacteriostatical and fungicidal substances check the growth of bacteria respective fungi without killing the organism.

Antimicrobic substances can constitute an environmental danger by decreasing the activity of –or totally stop- the micro-organisms in purifying plants with biological purification.