• It is easy to spray on

  • Always pre-protect and you will avoid more affective growth

  • Moss: brush off everything that is loose before apply

  • Avoid treatment if rain is expected within 24 hours

  • Avoid treating frosty surfaces

  • Best outdoors results is achieved during spring and autumn

  • Two consecutive treatments extends the protection time

  • Always treat after high pressure cleaning

High pressure cleaning should be avoided of several different reasons:
  • The water can be pressed into different construction parts

  • Spores can be scattered within a radius of three blocks

  • The surface layer of concrete bricks can be damaged


The most common preventive treatment is to spray on the solvent.

BENSALTENSIDE can -with advantage- be mixed in all kinds of compounds –water, paperhanger's paste, paint, sealants, plaster/grout, mortar, cement, concrete, glue and others –and thereafter protect the material for an even longer time.


Materials that do not contain organic compounds cannot accommodate
affecting growth. The surfaces of these materials can however still be
dirty and therefore contain nutrients -which together with
moisture establish conditions for affective growth. BENSALTENSIDE
sterilizes the surface for about 4 years.


Materials that contains organic compounds makes affective growth
possible according to the respective growth conditions –see USER GUIDE.