Hälsoskadlig CONSUMPTION -injurious to health

Corrosive –Do not consume!
Risk of serious internal injuries.
Immediately contact a doctor if consumed.
Do NOT cause vomiting.
If the injured is full conscious, give him/her a couple of glasses of water.
Take to hospital.
Bring the package to the hospital.

Hälsoskadlig INHALATION OF MIST -injurious to health

Inhalation can irritate respiratory organs and cause sneezing.
Fresh air, warmth and rest.
Rinse nose and mouth with water.
If necessary, give mouth to mouth.
Seek medical advice.

Hälsoskadlig EYES -injurious to health

Corrosive. Eye contact causes serious risk of injury.
Eye protection must be used.
Immediately rinse eyes with water for at least 15 minutes –holding the eyelids wide open.
To hospital –eye doctor.
Bring the package to the hospital.

Hälsoskadlig SKIN CONTACT -injurious to health

Corrosive. Skin contact causes risk of irritation and allergic reaction.
Gloves must be used and bare skin must be protected.
Immediately wash skin with much water -for at least 15 minutes.
Remove stained clothes.
Corrosive injury must be treated by a doctor.

Miljöfarlig VEGETATION –environmental injurious

The photosynthesis of vegetation can be affected. They loose colours.
Vegetation must be covered with tarpaulin or plastic
It is not known if fruit and vegetables ackumulates Bensaltensid. Therefore is they not to be sprayed.

Miljöfarlig WATER –environmental injurious

Extensive biological risks when contact with pools of water or aquariums.
Very poisonous for water living organisms
Cover with tarpaulin or plastic.