BLACK MOULD -Cladosporium


Black mould is the most common –and most serious- air borne mould fungus. As for other mould fungi earth and dead vegetation is its natural habitat.

The fungus needs free access to water to be able to develop and is often found in wet rooms, cold rooms and on window frames –where moisture condensates.


Cladosporium can grow on wood and causes sap stain on wood. It can be found in refrigerated food, damp textiles, paper, concrete, dust and others, and is especially common on painted surfaces. It grows on surfaces, in fissures and under painting.


Growth can establish from –6 to 35oC, with optimal temperature at 18 –28oC. During july –august the number of colony building units can be up to 20.000 –30.000 per m3 outdoor air. High values indoors during winter and spring can be signs of damp problems.