If it concerns damp or water damage, it have to be treated within 48 hours -the time it takes for fungus and mould to propagate.

At mould occurrence, make sure that children and older people not are exposed to unnecessary risks.


People that handle the problem must protect themselves, primary the lungs -with face protection.

The cause of damp or mould must be eliminated immediately.

All visible mould and affected materials must be removed.

Mould affected spaces must be sealed off and cleaned with Bensaltenside.

Methods and sanitizing must be adapted for every situation. If the material is unaffected, it should be cleaned with Bensaltenside to prevent spreading of mould.

Commence dehumidification immediately so the unaffected materials in the building regains their normal moisture content and are therefore not fertile ground for to mould spores.

When dehumidification has started, mould can emit large amounts of spores as a defence mechanism due to the habitat becoming inhospitable. Then both smell and spreading through the air increases.

The same applies for mycotoxines that are produced in huge amounts when dehumidification starts. With the mould spores, toxins can be transported to the lungs.

If your insurance does not cover this, the costs can be astronomically high.

Contact an expert because it depends on their knowledge and experience if it is going to cost ten thousands or a couple of hundred crowns to get rid of the problem.

The goal is to eliminate the source of the problem first, whether if it is a water leak or moisture under the house.

Bensaltenside sterilizes and disinfects all affections and every material. Without any negative effects.