The ground under houses contains damp and basements climates are often damp. Moisture must be able pass through the walls and the house must be protected against the ground damp from beneath. Basements even from
the sides.

When the air pressure gets higher than the surrounding ground, the air in the basement binds more damp. The result is that the damp gets from inside the basement, through the wall. When the air cools down, the air condensate into water and the wall binds the water inside the wall. The wall has become water damaged.

Insulation on the inside of the basement wall makes the indoor air colder and damper -the condense in the wall increases. This is similar to tight seams on the outside –that should not exist since the damp stays in the wall.

Damp protection depends of drainage, isolation and capillary refraction.

Sterilized affections can not multiply and disinfected materials make the growth impossible.

Bensaltenside does not affect any material in a negative way.