Crawl spaces are the most common foundation for new houses. Crawl spaces must be available for inspection.

The greatest risk with a crawl space is damp damages -it is a risky construction. The crawl space is constantly ventilated -cold outdoor air that is never warmed up. This makes the crawl space often having a very damp climate that not is suitable for beams. Many house owners
are not conscious that the crawl space is damaged.

The problem is greatest during summer and autumn -warm air that comes in through valves and the dampness increases. Water freed from condensate is created.

Costs for damages on the crawl space varies from 30 000 -250 000 crowns depending on the extent. Traditional home insurances do not cover this.

To ensure that the crawl space is dry -and thereby creating a healthy indoor environment- the crawl spaces must be inspected every year during the late summer or autumn.

To prohibit spores to get hold and affections to start, they must be sterilized. When the surface is disinfected, all growth becomes impossible. For four years.