In garrets the attention should paid to leaky roof covering
materials, hung ceilings, sheets, ridges, loose roof tiles, leaky installation bushings and diffs etcetera.

Water trickling from leakage and drift snow, small as well as large, can result in fungus affections in wood and may trickle down to underlying living areas causing more damages. Insufficient or the lack of ventilation can cause fungal affections.

Garret should be kept clean from construction materials, cobwebs and general litter.

Penthouses in redeveloped garrets, you should not only monitor the humidity, but also check for leaking roof covering, gutters and clogged up drain pipes, damped masonry and others. Moisture penetrating the wall from the outside can cause fungus affections and frost damages in the wall.

  • Bensaltenside kills all fungus affections within a day

  • Bensaltenside disinfects all materials to 100%

  • Fungus can not multiply

  • Fungus can not grow

  • The protection lasts for 4 years

  • Apply with sprayer, roller or brush